Sound Recorder Problems (Bad Input Device)

If you have experienced frustrations with Any Sound Recorder, Free Sound Recorder or other software running on Vista and Windows 7, you may have encountered errors, either starting the software or when trying to record.  A typical unfriendly message you might see is “Bad Device ID’.

Don’t rush to blame the software.

Windows 7 and Vista Recording selections for Input Source for recording streaming audio and sound from media players or anything you can hear through your speakers are by default Hidden from view and Disabled.

If your system supports recording streaming audio, take the following steps to enable recording:

In your system tray, Right-Click on the Speaker Icon. Select “Recording Devices” (You may also get there through Control Panel, Hardware and Sound, Sound).

In the Sound applet that appears, select the tab titled “Recording”.

Now comes the sneaky part…

Right-Click below any devices that appear- in the blank area.  A small menu appears where you can select “Show Disabled Devices”.

If the system supports it, new selections will appear, including Stereo Mix.

Right-Click on Stereo Mix and click “Enable”.

If it isn’t made the default, you can also Right-Click on it again and select “Set as Default Device”.

Click OK.


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